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How to start the game?

To start the game, download it from the official app store on your smartphone. Then, install and launch the game. After logging in or creating an account, you can begin playing.

How to adjust game settings?

In the game’s main menu, you will find the „Settings” option. There, you can customize various settings such as sound and FSX.

How to earn Money and advance in the game?

Money and advancement are earned by participating in gameplay, achieving accomplishments, after improving the restaurant and the world . The better you perform in the game, the more money and rewards you can receive.

Is there Premium currency?

Premium currency is often available for purchase with real money, but you can also earn it by earning in game or leveling up.

Is there a multiplayer mode?

Many mobile games offer multiplayer modes where you can compete with other players online. Check the game options to see if a multiplayer mode is available. Does the game require a constant internet connection?

No, you can play offline.

Does the game offer updates and new content? Yes, our game regularly receive updates with new levels, features, and bug fixes. Ensure that automatic updates are enabled in the app store.

Is the game free?

Yes, you can download Lemon Idle Inc from Google Store or other verified stores.

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